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Welcome to Insig International Limited

Insig offers a variety of traditional and contemporary household products for retailers to take to market.  We also source high quality products and negotiate the best possible deals for all parties involved.  Insig is able to offer a full shipping and logistics service, along with quality control right up to the handover point of delivery. 

Insig continues to expand on it's product line, enabling us to identify innovative new to market products for independent retailers as well as larger chain retailers.

"let us do the work for you" 

Our Goals

It is the mission of Insig to provide           innovative and new products to our         customers.  Product lines we currently market vary from household electrical goods to security products for the public sector. 

As a supplier and sourcing company, our main priority is to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services, by regularly reassessing their product needs and ensuring that our quality standards are met.

We are very conscious of creating job     opportunities and contributing to the UK´s economic growth.  We are keen to work with reputable organisations, creating business opportunities at both ends. Insig is based in London, with the objective of expanding our products to the EU and overseas markets. 

Our management continually works with partners and Insig staff to implement best practice techniques, enabling Insig to better serve clients needs.  

Insig creates long-term customer           relationships by ensuring the order and   delivery process is a seamless             experience. 

Keys to Success

  • Establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients including consultation, product search, purchasing contracts, warehousing, shipping, delivery and a follow up service analysis.
  • Differentiate our services in comparison to competitors, so that our customers receive a unique experience.
  • Maintain close contact with clients to establish a well functioning long-term partnership which creates success for all parties.
  • Allow a greater degree of transparency and accessibility to communicate effectively.
  • Continue to develop new products through R & D and identifying market opportunities for our customers.